Intercept mouse actions for pieces

I am trying to develop a simple AI for a Vassal game. I have chosen Borodino (S&T #32) to experiment on. I have developed my own java class which is in the Vmod and is invoked. In my code when “setup” is invoked and the boolean gameStaring is true I retrieve all the pieces that have a pieceCount greater than zero. I there someting I can set in the (Stack) pieces that will disable or intercept the selection of the pieces by players?

Vassal version 3.7.5
16 GB memory
Windows 11.

    if (gameStarting) {
        PieceWindow pice = modSave.getPieceWindow();
        PlayerRoster play = modSave.getPlayerRoster();
        GameState game = modSave.getGameState();
        Collection<GamePiece> pieces = game.getAllPieces();
        Collection<GameComponent> componenet = game.getGameComponents();
        ArrayList<Stack> arrPieces = new ArrayList<>();
        for (GamePiece gp : pieces) {
            if (gp instanceof  Stack){
                Stack st = (Stack) gp;
                if (st.getPieceCount() > 0) {