Interesting Pop up when using word to open a buildfile

I met with an interesting warning/caution pop-up when I used usoft word to open a buildfile. See attached pic. As it was though I ended using notepad++ with the compare addin to do my comparisons between different module buildfiles. Simple copy, paste saved me many days of work.

You absolutely should not ever edit a buildFile.xml in Word. That’s almost guaranteed to corrupt it. Use a text editor if you need to do that, not a word processor.


Agreed. But thought a reminder would be appropriate.
The other message is custom xml elements no longer supported in word. Have you created a non viable system that is not supported by the the general “masses”?

I have no idea what they could mean by “custom XML elements”. All XML elements are custom. The whole point of XML is that it’s extensible; it doesn’t define any elements by default. You define the elements.

It’s definitely going to be problematic to start from “what does Microsoft Word support” when assessing whether you have good HTML or XML–yikes!

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Notebook++ with compare addin worked very well.