Inventory view of card face in card deck does not work in 3.6.19 yet worked in 3.5.8

I created the module for Verdun 1916 Steel Inferno using 3.5.8.

It has an inventory view of the player’s draw deck of cards which allows them to view the deck and choose cards from the deck into their hand.

When using module version 1.1 in 3.5.8 the card inventory view of the deck shows the non-masked (face) view of the card i.e. what is required.

When loading the module version 1.1 in 3.6.19 the card inventory view always shows the masked (back). The user cannot flip the card in the inventory view. It always shows the face back. And nothing I can do, in an updated module, seems to allow the previous functionality.

Bug or feature in 3.6.x?

Edit: I think this is a feature related to “11347: Inventory should not reveal face down deck images”

Oh, that sucks, I’ll have to check if my modules got broken by that “fix”.

From memory, it was a security issue, a player should not be able to see cards in a Deck in a Window they cannot normally access. Does the player have normal to the window the Deck is In?

Also, there was a corresponding new option in Global options to revert to the insecure behaviour



I double-checked. I tried the option. “Inventory can see into Private Windows not accessible to current player - Always”

It did not work

A few points that might matter.

  1. the deck being viewed is not in a private window. the card decks window is open to both sides.
  2. The inventory window (that views the deck) is in a private window

Ok, worth a try.

That change you mention was introduced into version 3.6.7, Can you please confirm that this works in 3.6.6 and not in 3.6.7?

I wasn’t involved in this change, but honestly, face-down cards in Decks should never, ever had their identity revealed in a GPIW. Logically, it makes no sense at all, face-down means hidden from all players and it makes it simplistic to cheat. If you want people to see into Decks, then make them face-up.

However, as always, bugs get incorporated into your modules as ‘undocumented features’ and we have a problem. Not sure how we should move forward here.

The published module (version 1.1) works as required under 3.6.6 showing the card face.
Under 3.6.7 it does not work as required I.e. the card back is shown.
In both Vassal versions the full card title is shown as expected/required.

I know there are other games that have similar functionality that allows a player to ‘peek’ into a deck that is then reshuffled.


:slight_smile: Yes, I bet! Our users never tell us about bugs for years on end, too much to expect them to tell us about a security loop-hole that has now become an inherited feature.

Thanks for checking that. I’ll need to wait for Brian to get back on board and comment.

Fwiw, I always assumed this was a feature.

Typical use-case is a GPIW showing, face up, all cards in a private deck face down, and a private player’s hand face up, and on the board face down, for example, but not in play face up or in the discard (i.e., already seen).

This allows a player to check all possible cards that an opponent might have in hand, without revealing any hidden information, or requiring a trawl through the discard and a card list.

If the GPIW instead shows some face down and some face up, that reveals hidden information.

You’ve confused me here. Whose face-down private deck and face-down cards on the board are you showing face up in a GPIW?

Another player’s.

Because the GPIW (set correctly) shows all face down cards, face up cards in hand, and cards as-yet undrawn in an alphabetically sorted list without any way to distinguish between their location or face-up/face-down state, it doesn’t reveal any hidden information, but is a very handy reference in an async game.

Edit: hmm, maybe I only used card names, without images. Will have to check, sorry for the possible mistake in recollection! Probably got confused with my more recent use of GPIW with images, which fakes everything (the cards on the table are not the cards shown by the GPIW).

Yeah, the GPIW was doing reeealllyy bad things it shouldn’t have been. I’ll need Brian to weigh in with his thoughts when he is back on deck.

Sorry, can confirm I made all that up, based on a mixed-up memory of some more recent work where I duplicated cards in off-board face-up decks to show them as images in GPIW.

Everything I described was merely using “labels” or similar to generate text-based GPIW output, not showing cards images.

Yes, from memory, the problems started when the scaling of the counter images was added, which meant that card images could be displayed for the first time (too large before), and suddenly the card faces where showing.