Invisible units in solitaire play

Hi, I’d like to hide units from myself during solitaire play after I switch to another side. However, even if I set some units of side A to “invisible” while playing as side A, which turns them semi-transparent, after I click the Retire button and switch to side B, I can still see them. They remain semi-transparent instead of disappearing. I’d like them to disappear completely after I retire and switch to side B, it’d be very convenient for me. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance

Invisibility and masking are secured by your personal module password. That’s why when you simply retire and switch sides, you still see things you are expecting to not be able to see. The way to do this is incredibly clunky–you’d have to change your module password back and forth between two different things prior to every time you want to load your game and switch sides.