Invisible/Visible counter interaction

I posted this in the design help and did not get any help so I am assuming its a bug.

If an invisible piece is in the same location as a visible piece two undesirable behaviors can occur. I

  1. If the visible counter is on top of the invisible counter, the owner of the invisible counter cannot access the invisible counter. Selecting the stack does not give access to the underlying invisible counter. Double clicking does not expand the stack and a ‘move fixed distance’ key will not move the piece. If the invisible piece is on top of the visible counter or later moved below the visible counter this does not occur.

  2. The owner of the visible counter cannot move his piece with the mouse. Double clicking the visible piece does then allow him to move his piece (I assume because then he is not restricted by the invisible pieces restrictions). Also a ‘move fixed distance’ keystroke seems to always work also.

This appears to be an ‘ownership’ vs ‘invisible’ interaction where by the top counter on the stack is not offset to the invisible player and the stack is not expandable and on the non-visible side the invisible counter is selected in some way.

  • Operating System: Windows
  • CPU: ?
  • Memory: ?
  • Video Card: ?
  • Vassal version. 3.1.15
  • Java version. Get it here
  • Vassal module name and version : Email me at pcoons& with your email and I will enable access on google docs. Replace & with @ in emial address.
  • See above

This doesn’t sound like a bug. I believe if you own a piece, and you put it on top of a piece owned by someone else, the other player won’t be able to interact with his piece, whether it’s visible or not. That’s what you’d expect, no?

Well. I wouldn’t expect that. If the piece is visible I could double click the stack and then interact with my piece. If the piece is hidden it wouldn’t be hidden if I had to ask the opponent to move his piece so I could interact with it. It would be ok if I could double click the stack and get to my hidden piece because the opponent doesn’t see the expansion of the stack but that doesn’t seem to work all the time.
And if my opponent can’t move his piece because of my hidden piece, my piece is not really hidden? Especially if there is only one kind of hidden unit.