is it possible to modify the modules in italian?

hi im katie from italy, is it possible to modify the modules in italian?
I would like to modify the monopoly with the words in Italian, I saw that you can extract the images using 7zip, and then convert them, can I do it or is there another procedure? thanks

You can surely replace the existing images in a module with others of your choice, but then it would only work for you. Converting any text (to log, pop ups…) is trickier.

If you plan to play with friends, you would have to distribute a copy of your variant module to your friends first, and I think the correct procedure would be securing permission from the module developer first.

If you do a proper job he/she might also want to publish your variant on the module webpage for everybody to use, I guess.

In sintesi: puoi farlo (ma convertire eventuale testo e’ piu’ complesso), ma attenta che se poi lo distribuisci agli amici o lo pubblicizzi su qualche social la cosa corretta da fare e’ chiedere prima il permesso allo sviluppatore del modulo.

I have already finished I miss the writings on the table, I have already translated all the texts and the cards, indeed my version and that of around 2007, if anything then I keep it in my blog, because I see that there are no Italian games, and the Italian community and weak, then another game I want to create and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The Board Game, but I need a tutorial to create the game, because in my box there are dice, cards, tokens, etc., and I would like to assemble the everything to play with

You jumped Right into the Deep end of the pool!
Did you make any Progress with CSI in Italian?

Only the copyright holders (typically the publisher) of games have any say-so regarding the making of modules for their games, how they are used, or whether anyone can modify them - module makers do not.
Even if a module maker works for a game publisher, it is the publisher that holds all the copyrights. Making a digital version of a game does not confer any rights to the person doing it, that’s just silly.

I don’t know where this attitude comes from in recent years on the internet that makes people think that just because they made a digital version of someone else’s product on their computer that this somehow and magically gives them legal rights over the item. Again, silly.

All that said, it would certainly and obviously benefit the Vassal/gaming community if various module versions were coordinated, to avoid confusion, but the original module creator cannot prevent someone else from modifying their module and posting it to the internet, either here or elsewhere.

As an aside, and while I’m on the subject, if a publisher outright prohibits the making of modules for their games (as I think Decision Games did for a few years), they still wouldn’t be able to prevent a person from making a module and sharing it among friends. As long as said module is never uploaded to the internet, their prohibition is unenforceable.

Well, speaking about “attitude” perhaps you have a debatable one when calling other opinions “silly”. Do keep in mind that some people write modules with explicit request or authorization from the game publishers, and are sometimes even acknowledged for that on the game’s rulebooks and/or publisher’s website. In those case publishing unauthorized modified versions of the module would seem dubious to say the least.

Anyway, I am no expert of the law regarding the vast world of public domain, open source, copyright etc and I am sure you know best. Moreover, most likely Vassal has is own terms of distribution implied whenever somebody uploads a module to the website, which I admit I didn’t bother to check. However, whatever the case, then just replace “correct” in my original statement with “fair” or “respectful”, because that’s what I meant to say.