Is it possible to test a multiplayer game from one pc?


It seems that one pc is one player, i.e. even starting two instances of Vassal is really the same player if starting the same module.

How do you guys test your module out with specific sides?


Two instances of Vassal work, we played C&C:A on one computer, where only the specific player has access to his cards.

maybe you have a module with no proper player determination?

Hi mehrunes, and thanks for your answer. No I’m pretty sure I have to player sides and a observer. Did you connect to the server? And I think I read somewhere that it was the password the made each player unique, but there is really only one player (the same vassal user) or am I total confused?

Side is linked to the passwordin your personal preferences. You can either

a) Start two instances of Vassal and change your password inthe second instances


b) start one instance, and alternately change your password in the same instance.


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As far as I remember I actually was there twice with my name. But logged in the game as player 1 and player 2. I can only say that it worked and we played C&C:A real hotseat, which every player using his own vassal instance. The fact that both player had the same name, didn’t bother us.
For purposes of testing a module, that should work.

If the module does not have Sides defined, then you don’t have to do anything special. If Sides are defined, then each Side must have a different password.


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Thanks for the clarification Brent!