Is the Terrain handling feature in the pipeline at all?

I noticed it was referenced here →

It would be great if it was !


It will be possible to do this in V4 by virtue of being able to hang any data you want off game components. There are no plans to add terrain handling to V3.

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However, I have written a drop-in custom code package that provides this. It is used in my GTS series modules and has been used by other Designers in their modules. It has certain limitations (Full map hex grid only, does not support hex grids within zones) which is why it never made it into Vassal core.

If you are brave, you are welcome to use it. It requires a small amount of buildfile editing to install it, but then everything is done within Vassal (visual grid terrain editor etc.).

It is very stable, but the usual caveats with custom code do apply, you will have a non-standard module is dependent on non-vassal code.



Brent excellent I assume you mean the package here →

Terrain Recording - Vassal ?

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Indeed. Well, that saves me a lot of work,I had completely forgotten that I had documented that so well. I’ve made a few minor fixes recently, I’ll get an updated version posted.


Updated version posted, compiled against Vassal 3.5.8 and compatible with Vassal 3.5 an up. The old should keep working also, but if you are starting fresh, use the new version.


Great! Thanks for the update Brent_Easton !