Is there a way to change the layout of the various windows?

Hi, I’ve just downloaded the vassal engine with the ‘Blood Bowl’ module and am playing around with it in ‘solitaire’ mode so I can get used to the interface etc. Is there a way to move/adjust the windows/buttons, so for example, the buttons are smaller so they can all fit on one line at the top of the screen and so that I can have the logfile window below the main gameboard window instead of above it? Is the default window/button layout the default to the vassal engine itself or does it change depending upon the module you’re using?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I don’t know the module, but you could try starting up a new game, opening File/Preferences/General, then unchecking “Use combined application window” and clicking okay. Close the module completely and restart it. You can now shift things around a bit and it’ll remember your layout.

If the above doesn’t do enough for you, you can make the buttons smaller, or move them, or combine some into a drop-down menu, etc, by editing the module itself.

Thanks. I tried the combined window option but would prefer the various Windows to all be visible at once, just in different places. I like the idea of changing things from within the module itself though. I’ll have to play around with that later.

Thanks for the reply.