Is this correct?

So, if I OWN a game that has a module I can play RT or PEBM?
Or do I not need to own the game?
I am an old…(like my first game when I was 12 was Avalon Hills Nap @ Waterloo )…gamer.
I have just bought a bunch of games on Ebay as my boys are now approaching the age that we might be able to play together…
BUT if I can play online with old farts like me…whoooot.
Please advise if I “need” the game or not…obviously I would need to understand mechanics of a given game i.e. GBOH or SPQR system.

On Thu, May 1, 2008 4:50 am, hipshot wrote:

You’ll need to know the rules, either by having played enough before,
owning the game, or having the rules downloadable from somewhere. A
common position - and one I personally fully support - is that you’re OK
to play the game on-line or PBEM as long as at least one of the players
owns a copy of the game. (Exactly the same as you would in real life).

I don’t know how you “police” that on-line though. I’d be very hesitant
to try and start a game of something I didn’t own, but I’d probably assume
that someone else looking for opponents did own it. I’m not sure if
that’s standard etiquette though.


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That’s the policy of GMT Games:

But they build the Vassal modules themselves, no idea how they like it if another one makes it.

I was expecting to have to own the game. So as long as I know rules and have a friend who owns a game I am good to go. I just bought 3-4 games online so now I just either a. find a person who has built a VASSAL mod for it, or B. build one my self.

Thanks for the advice. GMT is very flexible, thats cool.

I agree they have a good attitude towards this.

In fact, modules for Vassal or Cyberboard can be treated as advertisement for the own games. I personally think there are more people buying the hard copy because they played it via Vassal than people not buying the hard copy because they can play it via Vassal.

Actually, it was so in my case. I bought Pax Romana after discovering at Vassal what a beautiful game it is.

Hi hipshot,
I too am old as dirt and have two sons(only got one gamer out of them, well two if you count my grandson whos 7 but coming along quickly).lol
Are you looking for email or online play? I noticed you said GBOH and SPQR.Two of my favorites,There is a great SPQR mod and many GBOH mods to choose from.Also look in the Module support part of the forum for more information on individual mods.
Anyway I’d be glad to help you get started.

Later, 8)