Issue with a counter


Warhammer Underworlds mod
In this game you can spend / unspend a ressource called Glory
We have issues with the unspend feature of the Glory counter (see image below)

Normally when you use the unspend feature, the spent glory counter on the right should decrease by 1, while the unspent glory counter on the left should increase by 1.

Vassal 3.6 and older : works
Vassal 3.7.1 : not working anymore


I’ll share print screens of the concerned traits below

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open the mod
  • Start a new game offline
  • New game
  • Join as Player 1
  • Right click on the Glory counter
  • Add glory
  • Spend Glory
  • Unspend glory : this is the part that used to work but doesn’t anymore

Could it be linked to the following ?
Changes since 3.7.0
Bug fixes
12676: IncrementProperty: Corrected bad wrap-around calculation when increment is negative

Your screenshot of the Trigger Action shows it is set to repeat an undefined number of times. Either turn off the checkbox to repeat the trigger, or add something specifying the number of repeats. (Don’t ask me to explain why it used to work; I have no idea.)

Many thanks ! It works like a charm.
Have a great day