Issue with a game's name

I will be talking about some mild profanity here, in case that bothers anybody

I made a game 15 years or so ago that I would like to add to Vassal, but the name may be an issue, so I wanted to ask about the propriety of it before doing so. There’s a backstory:

When I first designed the game and didn’t have a name for it, my wife helped me play test it. At one point, I messed up her plans and she looked up at me in mock betrayal and said “You bich!", which gave us a good laugh and so we started jokingly saying it to each other every time the other snatched victory from our hands. It became a habit and so "You Bich!” is what we ended up naming the game.

My question is whether that would be acceptable here? It would be spelled as above with the asterisk, so it’s not officially a dirty word, but it’s obvious what it is. It’s always been said in fun by us, but I wouldn’t want to offend anyone here with it.

Follow up question: If the name is unacceptable, does anyone have another suggestion? Because I could never come up with a better name, myself.

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You should describe the game so people might help come up with a better name for it.

It’s a fast and simple game with a few twists that make it fun but aggravating at times.

The basics: You move pawns around a board. The board spaces that the pawns land on dictate how a set of stones moves on a separate track. The player whose stones reach the end of their track first wins.

The twists: Players can move their own or an opponents pawn on their turn and the pawns can move in either direction on the board.

I liked how the name was short and to the point, no bandying about and how it captured that whole “You sank my battleship!” feel when you’re this close to winning and have it snatched away from you at the last instant.

I’m guessing the name was also perfect for me because of the fun my wife and I had with it, so there’s an emotional attachment there. And I wasn’t sure if the name would actually be an issue these days. I mean, everybody knows about the biggest, blackest card in the Cards Against Humanity deck, but I understand that’s not the game’s name, so there is a difference.

If it was my game I would come up with a more descriptive name for it. Something like Pawn Reversal.

How about “Son of a…” OR, “Sonuva”. Explain the name in the rules.