Issue with card (game piece) counting in multiple hands

I can’t get my card hand counting to work… What am I doing wrong? For some reason, I always get a count of zero.

My cards have a Marker Trait (Prototype Name= Card; Property Value= 1).

I use the Game Piece Inventory Window. In the “Show only pieces matching these properties” I have (for the 8 different hands):


I also tried to use &&(Card=“1”), as I’ve seen it done in other modules.

Then in the “Label for folders” field I have:

$PropertyValue$: $sum_Card$ cards

I also tried to use $PropertyValue$: $sum_Card_1$ cards

and yet the result I get is always:

Date: 0 cards
Hojo: 0 cards

(PS: hitting “refresh” does not change anything)

Shouldn’t the “Label for folders” be $CurrentZone$: $sum_Card$ cards, not $PropertyValue$: $sum_Card$ cards? Although, I don’t see how that would give the results you’re getting…

Thanks for reading. $PropertyValue$ is the default entry; in this specific case, it will automatically pick up the $CurrentZone$ value (i.e., the zone’s name).

In any case, my case was RESOLVED. I had incorrectly checked “Show Folders Only” in the “Game Piece Inventory Window” and somehow that prevented the counting from happening (or being shown).