issue with send to locatin to reverse map ?

I am currently working on the urban operation module.
In this module, a squad can go from a MAP to an underground (another MAP) and vice versa.
I created 3 global properties (Map, mapboard, hex) to know in which MAP and which hex the squad has to go, because it varies according to the scenario.
One of the squad trait is a “send to location” with option “grid location on selected map”, and the three properties.
When I operate with a standard map, everything works fine, when I use the map in reverse mode, I can go in the underground, but on return, the squad go where it would be if the map was not in reverse, while the value of the property is correct.
here is an example of the report :

  • squad moves C2723 → C2623 *
  • squad get down Souterrain Sous terrains 0713
  • squad get out MAPC C2623
  • squad moves C1202 → C1203 *
    as you can see, the squad go to Hex C1202 instead of C2623
    Is this a bug or have I forgotten something?

I have downloaded the module CryHavoc11.vmod.
add the send to location to the prototype 1
destination: Grid location on selected map
Map : Main Map
Board Crossroads
grid Location : 2116.

and save the module in V3.2.16 (windows 7 version)
after that I start a new game offline with board crossroads.
I put a single man on the board (not mounted, because mounted is prototype 2)
when I do the send to location key, if the map is not reversed, the man go to 2116
when I do the same, but with crossroads reversed, the man go to 0702.

So, I think there is a bug with send to location with option Grid location on selected map.
it’s easy to test, you just have to send to location anywhere in a reverse map
best regards