Issues with Add Imported Class

My various modules have one or more of seven custom classes created by Brent Easton, which add capability not in the standard vassal engine. Several of these have general application and could be incorporated into the engine. I have been unsuccessful following instruction to add these classes to may other modules or into my vassal module template for used for making new modules, to have all these classes. Where can I get help? I am not a java programmer.
a) add oblique/diagonal hex ids to mapboard for games such as Stalingrad, Richthofen’s War (exists in my Afrika Korps module)
b) configurable counter inventory (of all units active in game, in dead pile etc) for quick reference to victory conditions
c) counter refresh (update all counters on map or in a start file for newly defined counter traits).
d) control summary (button driven count of current city victory points on map) (exists in Russian Front module)
e) objectives control counter calculator (Russian Front)
f) button driven victory point calculator (Gettysburg module, counts dead units, stepped units, terrain victory points per game Victory point schedule)
g) configurable turn counter (now part of engine).