issues with Vassal using Star Wars X-Wing module

Hey guys,

as of 18/08/17 (or 08/18/17 to our transatlantic brothers) Vassal is unusable to me. :angry:

After I upload a squadron from a YASB link it won’t allow me to move individual pieces from my hand to the play area. I have to bulk move pretty much everything, and then it won’t let me move important things back, like dials.

I’ve reinstalled modules and Vassal itself to no avail. Can you help?

Specs are as follows:
Vassal 3.2.17
SWXW mod 7.1.2
(universal map pack 1.0)
MAC OS Sierra (10.12.6)
Java 8.144

to recreate:

Use squad spawn to import a squad from a link