Java Download Failed

Hi, somehow when I try to install vassal I get “Java download failed” error and the installer shuts down completely in like first third of installation. What gives?

Don’t rely on the VASSAL installer to retrieve and install Java for you. The foolproof method is to go and download Java for your OS and install it independently of VASSAL. Remember to get the correct version for your system architecture (e.g., a 32-bit OS needs 32-bit Java, a 64-bit OS needs 64-bit Java).

After Java is installed successfully, do the VASSAL installation.

First time user of VASSAL. Clean install on a new computer

I downloaded VASSAL 3.2.17
VASSEL installer could not find JAVA on my machine and failed trying to locate JAVA on it’s own
I installed JRE 10.0.2 windows 64 from Oracle with no problems
VASSAL installer still does not recognize JAVA on my computer


A note for anyone seeing this thread: VASSAL 3.2.17 will not run with anything newer than Java 8. The solution if you’re trying to run VASSAL 3.2.17 is to install Java 8.

VASSAL 3.3.0 and later, once release, will run with Java 9 or later.