Just a quick question on omitted texts

Is there anyway to be able to get these texts so that way you can play? This whole thing of publishers wanting you to do that so you still have to buy is stupid because being able to play it for free to test it these days is key. Guess our market has grown to the fact that you pay for it before trying it because people want their money but don’t want to make sure you’re happy with the purchase.

Firstly your not the first too ask this question, Vassal are just trying to keep everyone sweet and not cause any sales issues and copyright infringement, But! I feel if you own these cards then using a digital version isnt a issue Xwing for one, I own every single card they have out at the mo, I can prove this easy so my ver of the vmod file I use has the full texts using the original image that FFG suppies, I have never shared it with anyone and I dont intend to. And truthfully as FFG dont make or sell digital versions of the product trying to state its a copywrite infringement whe the said person owns the real cards wouldnt stand up in any court. As long as you have the real thing and dont share your .vmod file then you should be cool

Ive seen 100s of players doing the same, just dont be silly own the real cards and dont share your .vmod file.