Just Joined Vassal

Good afternoon, all,

I am a long time gamer who has struggled to find like-minded gamers as I have aged. I just had some family over this weekend and they said they wanted to have a game night and … we only played Big Taboo and Wits and Wagers. Frustrated, that led me here to check it and see how it works in hopes I might be able to play an occasional game online or PBEM. I am not entirely sure how Vassal works as I just found it today, but I believe I have a substantial and relatively varied game collection that is simply collecting dust. I think I only played one true board game in the past year or more.

Today, I downloaded two modules (BSG and Renewers) just to check it out. I have poked around on the forums and thought I would come out from the shadows and post here.

If anyone could provide a simple overview of Vassal, that would be awesome. I appreciate your time in reading this post.

Happy February 1.


A good place to start would be the Vassal User’s Guide which can be found here. This should probably answer most of your questions.

vassalengine.org/mediawiki/i … rguide.pdf

You’ll note the guide hasn’t been updated for a while and still refers to Vassal 3.1 but the fundamentals are still the same.

You are awesome! I appreciate your time in responding. I am looking to get into this as soon as life allows …