JVM Heap size

I’m trying to increase the default maximum heap size from 512 to 1024 MB. My vassal startup script specifies “-Xmx1G” in the java parameter list. I’ve found several places in the code that hardcodes the max as 512, and I have changed it everywhere that I can find. But, the size in the preferences panel remains at 512. Are the “GlobalOptions” saved to a file somewhere that I haven’t found?


I’ve found that changing heap size is module specific. Load the module you want, go into Preferences, change your heap size, close down and reload your module. The heap will now remain locked for that module unless you change it.

can this be set inside the module so it is pre-set for every user of the module?

I don’t believe there is.

it is per module, not per user

I’m pretty sure it’s per module and user, not just per module (so, to answer the OP, no, each user has to set it themselves, unfortunately). Please correct me if I’m mistaken!

yes, you are right