kind of new looking to play Arkham Horror

I am kind of new to Vassal, but i am new to Arkham Horror, would like to learn how to use vassal to its fullest and to play arkham horror base set for now. :blush:

We can play together. Add me on skype. Wyrtt1 and we can find right time for a game.

Great. I sent you a message, Wyrtt.

I am new to Vassal as well, and I would be interested in playing a game of Arkham Horror. I only have the base set, and I am not sure if I am ready to try all the expansions - not yet, anyway. If you want to play a basic game, PM me.

I came here just now looking for Arkham Horror players. :slight_smile:

I started playing on Vassal last year by email with two other people, and had a huge amount of fun. We played about four games before one of the players dropped out, and play died off. I’d love to get started again.

If any (or all) of you are interested in play-by-email over Vassal, I’d love to get that going again. I’m sure that the other person who was still playing would be interested, and he had a bit more experience with Arkham Horror and Vassal. We were playing about a turn a day on average. (My timezone is GMT.)

I’m very happy to teach and help people get playing, although I’m not exactly an expert myself. Send me a PM if you’re interested!

Did you guys ever get a game going? I bought the game about a year ago but I’ve never played… thought this might be a good way to get into it.

Hi, I’m interesting in both a live/email game. PM me the detail please

I would be interested too, though i might want to just observe first since I can’t seem to get the thing to work (every time i load the decks, the main board fails to display).

I looked at the other post on here about replacing the dashes with spaces in the file, but i can’t get the game board to load when the extensions are loaded. It only loads when i deacative the extensions. Lame. This game is a lot of fun though, I’ve played it IRL.I just have no idea how to fix it.