Kingdom of Heaven

Have this game on the table if there is anyone interested in PBEM . Havent checked the Vassal list yet.
Is mentioning tabletop simulator allowed ? Looking for opponents on that pltfrm also .


I just checked out KoH. I’d call myself a newbie to KoH, but I think I am well prepared for a match.
I am living in Germany (Europe Time +1). I would try PBEM as well, but never did it here.
As far as I guess you log your turn and send then the logfile, right?


hello ! I have downloaded the vassal mod for the game and will be getting myself familiar with its mechanics. Maybe play a solo scenario 1 . We will have to e-mail each other log files if you are familiar with that procedure ? Till then ,may i suggests you download the mod and give it a look thru. We can decide on sides and begin with the 1st scenario also ? Your thoughts .


Yes, I am familiar with KOH. I’ve just played a few scenarios by myself. I know, thar we have to e-mail each other. But due to some events I can interupt your move. How is this played? If you do your move, save the logfile and send it to me and I like to interrupt or to shadow your forces? Do I set your units back?

hello again Christian ,
Sounds like you know your mechanics . Good. I am thinking you are correct. But maybe in some instances i will send a file awaiting a potential response/ move/card play from you each action round . And if you decline or have no card to play you respond as such and i will proceed.
I have checked out the module and seems pretty good.
I will give you option of picking what faction you want to be . And i will take the other for the scenarios. May take a few moves to get the bugs out. But i am ready for scenario 1 when you are .
Then i will send e-mail address in private message .

My picking is easy: Christian takes Christian ;-)

I’ve just started a game and saved a logfile.
We both got our 7 cards.
Then I made my first move (hope you will see everything). I moved ddue to an event three leader with subordinate units. Coming from Asia Minor I had to roll for attrition. 2 pass one fail. Oni unit is just moving into battle. Therefore I stopped, bcause you could avoid. Well, I could do the die roll for avoiding by myself but I think it’s up to you if it works with the log file.

So, please send my your e-mail via pm and I’ll send you the logfile.