Kingdom of Heaven

Kudos to the developer of this module! It’s one of the best ones I’ve ever played on Vassal.

There’s one tiny bug: sometimes 7-card draws come out as 6. All this means is drawing an extra card. Other than that, I love the extra little features that make this module so easy to play.

One suggestion: Is it possible to have a feature of changing the colour of a power’s units if they become allied with another side? Ex. the units of Damascus can become allied with the Crusaders. It’s sometimes easy to forget this during play. A colour change might make this easier to remember.

Hello, thanks for the kind words. The fact that I’m replying the day after your post is quite serendipitous, as I don’t check in on this forum very often. For this reason I always include my personal contact information in my modules (Help → How to Use This Module) so people don’t have to blindly post on forums hoping to get a response.

I can’t explain the “draw 7 only gives 6 cards” thing, as both commands are configured correctly (just checked).

An awful lot is possible with any given module, but as with anything in this realm it’s a commitment of time–and I haven’t really been active in VASSAL module creation for a couple years now (there is a small human in my household who dates from about that same timeframe that essentially explains this, go figure).

It also matters what you mean by “colour change”–if you mean the backdrop of the counters, that would be an enormous undertaking, as it would require creating a whole 2nd set of image assets for those counters with a red background instead of green and then configuring the commands by which they change back and forth. One could approximate the same by applying an image layer to them (say a red border), but either way you’re talking about a new set of piece traits and having to recreate from scratch all 9 (!!) scenario setups, which is extremely time-consuming.

I’m certainly not opposed to these suggestions, but I don’t have the capacity to take them on (or coach up someone else to the point where they could). Sorry!