KingMaker PBeM - QuickPlay!

Hi Guys

Looking for another game of (Play by eMail) KingMaker (2nd Ed Rules) … quickplay, i.e. players need to be able to post on a daily basis.

Here’s the 2nd Ed Rules …

Looking for a couple of players to get going,


I’m in!! Thank you :smiley:

I’m game!

Good stuff!

I’m thinking that FOUR players will be enough of a game by email so we’re not waiting too long for a move? Ideally, if each player manages a move a day the game will flow quickly enough to stay interesting?


Yeah, I’m up for that— haven’t played VASSAL by email before–
so would appreciate procedure, protocols, tips, etc

we are working on improving that module, btw— a new map in progress and
my associate has tweaked a few annoyances-- it will be a little before it is ready

Wow, that was quick! So we have four players.

What we need is a valid eMail address from each of you (and a name to be sociable!) that your happy to send to the other three players. If ur not familiar with PBeM, download the VASSAL PDF to get the complete documentation, read pages 10 & 11 for an overview … … rguide.pdf

… and I’ll start the ball rolling, with the first vLog, which will be the setup cards.

PBeM allows you to do your moves OFFLINE by importing the VASSAL vLog, save it and send that onto ALL the players, BUT only the next player who’s turn it is makes his moves, does his business and passes that new vLog on … and so on! Easy!? Just rem to save that vLog before exiting … nothing worse than doing a dozen moves and forgetting to save!

Initial Setup
Acorn … Morgoth (aka: Joe … eMail:
Knot … PzrLehr (aka: Alex … eMail: ???)
Crescent … Stiglr (aka: ??? … eMail: ???)
Sun … BarflyWingnut (aka: ??? … eMail: ???)

Here’s how we’ll do the vLog naming to help keep track of the gameplay …

and so on!

Once I have everyone’s details, I’ll PM everyone else with those details, then deal out the start-up Crown Cards, sort mine first, pass on the new vLog, you import it and check everything’s OK, then the next player does his move and so on. Once we’ve all sorted our start-up cards, the First Player (based on 2nd Ed Rules) will begin the game. Any combat, etc, that crops up, eMail everyone about what’s going on! REM, we’re all at a “virtual table”, so would be able to see everything! ;)

Optional Rules … I’d like to include the “Ambush” rule on Page 8?

Anything else? … Walts

PM was sent already for my e-mail address. Also, What is REM?

Just checking ur OK with me passing this onto the other two players, which you are! :slight_smile: Some players like to create a new email address just for the game, then bin it.

REM = Remember,

Thanks, Walts

O, ok…lol, thank you!

Initial Setup
Acorn … Morgoth (aka: Joe … eMail:
Knot … PzrLehr (aka: Alex … eMail:
Crescent … Stiglr (aka: ??? … eMail: ???)
Sun … BarflyWingnut (aka: ??? … eMail: ???)

Ambush rule is fine with me. Just one question on that: What happens to the captured survivor’s?

Initial Setup
Acorn … Morgoth (aka: Joe … eMail:
Knot … PzrLehr (aka: Alex … eMail:
Crescent … Stiglr (aka: Allen Dickerson … eMail:
Sun … BarflyWingnut (aka: ??? … eMail: ???)

If the ambush eliminates all the nobles in a space, the ambushing party would capture all heirs and could ransom or kill the lot. Not sure about any mercenaries… would they all just go home, perhaps…?

…but an ambush can only kill the bottom noble if more than one…no?

I am in as well but also this will be my first game via Vassal.

I’ll have to check the ambush rules (it’s been 3 decades after all! I’ll be “checking” ALL of 'em!)…

Taken from the 2nd Ed Rulebook …

A battle in which the attacking force cannot hope to gain at least an indecisive
result (i.e … the defending force has a ratio of 4/1 or better in troop strength) is no
longer allowed. An attacking force which is too weak to do battle may ambush instead.

An ambush is conducted in the same manner as a normal battle except that only
the lowermost printed Noble in the “Nobles killed section of the Event card” is killed.
The other noble(s) above him in the “nobles killed” section are ignored. As it is required
for the defender to be at least 4 times stronger than the attacker, any surviving
ambusher(s) are automatically captured by the defender. “Bad Weather” postpones an

Noble(s) in a town, city or castle cannot be ambushed.
ONLY the bottom noble is killed and the attacker is automatically captured (unless “Bad Weather” puts a dampener on things!) … Walts

…a most craven form of unchivalrous villainy!!

[size=85](sotto voce:) …now let’s see, must be at least 1:4 odds, ambushing noble automatically captured, hmm… :slight_smile:[/size]

Hi Guys

So, we’ve got a fifth player to the mix, unless I don’t get his info today, and we’ll start tomorrow. We’ll all be learning the game, VASSAL PBeM dynamics and quirks as we go along, so please post here for anything that ur not sure of.

Please use the links above for the rules and VASSAL userguide.

We’re using the (Basic Game) 2nd Ed Rules with only the Optional Rule “Ambush” for this first game to keep things simple,


It’s a scary sacrifice, but better than floating about the board not
able to attack or do anything, so throw that Noble to the dogs! :laughing:


Initial Setup - Update (with the possibility of a fifth player, unless he doesn’t get back to me today!)

Acorn … Morgoth (aka: Joe … eMail:
Knot … PzrLehr (aka: Alex … eMail:
Crescent … Stiglr (aka: Allen Dickerson … eMail:
Sun … BarflyWingnut (aka: Jeff … eMail:

As a suggestion, create a group within your email app to send mailings
to us all so we’re all on the same page as odds & bods crop up.

The game will start tomorrow, 25th, unless players want time to read
the rules and VASSAL guide? Alternatively, a Friday (or Sat?) start will be
put in place … vote in ur posts below!

Thanks, Walts

Hail Nobles!

As you’ll know, combat is key to the game and requires the turning of an Event card, so as a suggestion to retain the attackers/defenders honor, might I suggest we use the next player inline to pick the outcome of a battle?

Any other suggestions appreciated!

Walts, High Lord of Scotland!