KingMaker PBEM

I too want to play a KingMaker PBEM. Unfortunately I am unable to play online but can start up a PBEM. Who is interested?

If it’s PBEM you can count me in.

Regards, Jeff

Hi, count me in for a pbem Kingmaker too!!

Ok so we have 2 people wanting to play … I am assuming that we need a gamemaster so the person creating the module doesnt see the cards. I am posting on the KingMaker Yahoo group to see who wants to play.

It looks good - I have one player email me offline he wants to play and some others so will keep everyone updated

Hi guys

I’d like to join in a Kingmaker PBEM game if there is space. I’ve downloaded and installed the Vasal engine and the Kingmaker module. I assume we play using that ?

Kind regards to all


I’m in too if there is a space left


Count me in too! : )

You want a war, u got a war … to arms men, let loose the mutts of war!


PS: Say, how many can play in a PBEM platform?

Looks like the full 7 players will work. :slight_smile:

Yes we had a larger response also from the KingMaker Yahoo group so there can be 2 games. I am reading the PBEM suggestions in the module and should send out some details / observations today. But yes the max should be able to play!

Sounds great :slight_smile:


Downloading the mod as we speak, have to dig out the rulebook next.

Yeah, the biggest problem is agreeing rules, with the various Editions for the years.

I have an original game, 1st Ed and only know those rules.

…yea, my game is coming (1976 edition) in a day or two, then I’ll hammer out the rules… :open_mouth:

Ref to BGG forums, files, rules, articles and much more …

… Various rule additions for consideration … Walts

I kinda like the big board of the first one, I wonder why they split it into two on the second version?

Just received my game! :smiley:

Ok, I finished reading the rules. :smiley:

3rd Ed rules have a few tweaks in them, so keep this in mind for any games u play online.

I can’t find 3rd Ed rules anywhere … has anyone got a copy?