Kingmaker - Play to Learn (PBeM)

Would anyone be interested in playing Kingmaker, via PBeM?

Here’s the catch - I only just discovered the game by reading the Vassal Forums

So - this would be a ‘Play to Learn’ group!

Still willing to venture forth with a table full of newbs and show us this great classic game?

Please respond if you are NEW to Kingmaker and need to learn
Please respond if you are EXPERIENCED with Kingmaker and willing to teach

Thanks everyone!

I’d be willing to teach the game, but there’s a CATCH.

It would have to be a “live” environment (although designed to show players how to play via PBeM as well). I don’t think it’d be very efficient to try and start circulating vlog files and explaining the rules and flow of the game via vlogs and email messages.

If you can get a group of people together and we can work out a time we can all meet on the VASSAL server, I’d be willing to serve as instructor/player.

Thanks Stiglr - I will ask around! This just got very busy at work on Monday. A new promo that has to launch next Monday - so I won’t have time to start a Kingmaker game THIS week - but hopefully in the next couple weeks.

If I can get a few players drummed up, and if you are still available and willing THEN, well - perhaps we can pull it off

Thanks a ton!

Hello there!

I am keen on trying boardgames via PBEM but I have never used Vassal nor played Kingmaker. It would be nice to have someone introduce how the programme works. I am down for joining any game (via PBEM any time, but for real-time I would find time the next weekend). If you are still looking for opponents or team mates count me in!

Sure. My sched is pretty regular (although subject to the same emergencies and crises and anyone else’s)

Provided I have at least a few day’s notice, I can set aside time, either on weekends, or on evenings and nights. I’m PST (GMT+8/9) on the West Coast (Oregon). Give me a shout, preferably by PM (I think I get email notifications when I receive PMs).

Prithee let’s make this happen!

I would like to join in as well. Played KM a LOT 35 years ago (I actually got my friends to give up poker nights to play KM instead) but not since. I have only played solitaire games on VASSAL so need help. Keep me posted. Mike

I might be in for another game : )

ok, ajacks01 is tasked with coralling a list of players (from this thread and elsewhere); then, he can propose some dates/times to meet online and once we hash that out, we’ll be all set.

I’ll watch…lol