Kingmaker game in progress…

Communication check…?

you didn’t “lose” me!!!

I wonder if the extant question on ambush is wondering what happens if there is ONE noble in the ambushed stack and he is, in fact, killed. I’d say that the ambushing noble would take over as if he’d won a battle, since he would then be the ONLY noble in the hex. He would capture any heirs and any transferable “booty”.

Yeah, that’s how we’ve been playing … “Last Noble Standing” … and all that! :smiley:

As per ambush rules, ambushing a group of Nobles will automatically cause you to be captured as you can only kill one noble,


So, rules are the Basic Game ONLY, with no Optional or Advanced rules.

Initial SetupPlease note ur new factions!

[b]Acorn .......... Morgoth[/b] (aka: [b]Joe[/b] ... eMail: [](
[b]Knot .......... Stiglr[/b] (aka: [b]Allen[/b] ... eMail: [](
[b]Crescent .......... BarflyWingnut[/b] (aka: [b]Jeff[/b] ... eMail: [](
[b]Sun .......... PzrLehr[/b] (aka: [b]Alex[/b] ... eMail: [](

Alex is working late, so needs to sort his deck later on.

As mention before, create ur new logfile from the PREVIOUS player in the list, save and send onto EVERYONE. Once we’ve all sorted our decks, we can workout who goes first (then clockwise round the “table!”) based on our crown cards!

I’ll be sending the initial startup logfile to get the ball rolling in the next hour … Good luck, one & all!

Walts (Acorn)

< back on track… :smiley:

…will have to setup after work tomorrow.

…actually I just setup, but had to do a .save instead of a .vlog; just too much moving around of pieces and cards.

Hi Guys

That’s me done my logfile … [attachment=0]KM-Setup-Complete.vlog[/attachment]
Players order …

Sun … PzrLehr (aka: Alex)
Crescent … BarflyWingnut (aka: Jeff)
Acorn … Morgoth (aka: Joe)
Knot … Stiglr (aka: Allen)
… So, as it’s ROUND 1, please name your logfile as follows …

Sun … KM-SUN-Rd1.vlog
Crescent … KM-CRESCENT-Rd1.vlog
Acorn … KM-ACORN-Rd1.vlog
Knot … KM-KNOT-Rd1.vlog
… That way we can keep track of things! Lets get it on! ;o]

PLEASE confirm that you’ve got this file, thanks,

Good luck, Walts (Acorn)


I’ve got the setup final file…

Let the machinations begin!

lol… :laughing:

Lehr, is that a “muahahahahahahahahhahaha…” perhaps?

would i be permitted to be an observer of this game? I’d like to see how it is done on Vassal

We’re doing it PBeM, so there’s no observer place to watch from… per se…

If you’d like, PM me with your email and I can .zip up all the log files of the first 5 or 6 rounds. With these and knowing the order of players, you can step through the files and see what’s happened early on. It will be pretty informative for you. We got through the 5 rounds over the Thanksgiving holiday, at a fast clip, but there were a few small snags along the way (some of them my errors, unfortunately…).

PM’d… thanks.

Just to tie this up…

It took 37 rounds, and one very long stalemate in the middle to crown our winner…

Crescent … BarflyWingnut

amassed a HUGE faction, grabbed Henry VI from yours truly and, with the Admiral of England in his camp, sojourned to Calais with the monarch for long stretches, while spinning a web of guile and intrigue on the island. In a decisive, bold master stroke at the end, he sailed in force to Berwick, where the Acorn faction was holding the last remaining pretender to the throne. He besieged the city, and despite losing two nobles in the assault, still prevailed with plenty of nobles and troops to spare.

With the last Yorkist put to the sword, Henry VI had consolidated his throne and underscored his mantle as Sole King of England.

My luck was awful from the outset, and I never recovered. I had a 3:1 advantage in the game’s very first open battle, but pulled a 4:1 result card, plus lost my strongest noble in the skirmish! Then, while waiting for the most powerful faction to get pulled apart by events (which NEVER seemed to happen), I was set upon by a former “ally” and dispatched to irrelevance near the end of the game.

The fourth member of our game, suffered a real life family tragedy which compelled him to withdraw. We all hope things are working out as best they can. We all raise a jeweled chalice in his honor.