Korea OCS anyone?

Interested in trying the campaign. Any takers for a PBEM?

a new Vassel player here, if you do not mind walking me through how PBEM OCS works,
i would be more then happy to give you a game :slight_smile:

Sounds good, will PM you and walk you through some variants and methods to make PBEM play faster.

Aloha Dave
brentley here, are you still interested in a Vassel PBEM game?

I would be glad to help. I am available to help today…Saturday June 18, 2022


I would love to play Korea pbem, but starting with a small scenario to see if the game flows fast enough.

i’m still rather new player in PBEM
but willin to give it a go if you’re interested?

Hello. I own the game, never played. maybe this is the right time. PBEM or live, i stay in Italy. you can find me at cerutti.r@gmail.com