Krazy Wordz - A funny word creation game


I love this game, but couldn’t find an online version so I built it here.

I uploaded the version 0.9 (initial Version) which should be fully operational to be playable, but lacks in design, content and useability.

You can read more about this game here:

The game itself suggests 3 players as minimum, but for testing two players are sufficient without limitations. Its just more fun the more poeple play. There is a QuickStart description inside the module, how to play. (Help->QuickStart)

Please have a look at this game and give me feedback about bugs or suggestions. My goal is to add more in the future like:

  • better design, board background, etc.
  • At least 2 Languages (German and English)
  • Several Card Decks for different Topics and Languages, e.g. an Adult Version and a Kids Version
  • Buttons and Keyboard Commands to automate and more user friendly gaming

Any comments or suggestions are welcome :smiley:

Happy playing