La Bataille series from Clash of Arms and Marshall Entrepris

I am finally committing to learning an “old” series of Napoleonic wargames. I am looking for an opponent for any of the published Vassal modules for the La Bataille series of games by Clash of Arms or Marshall Enterprises.

I have downloaded Talavera, Leipzig, Corunna, Moskowa, and Quatre Bras. I also own each of these games though Tal, Cor, and QB are the pre-2000 versions. I have studied the 5th Edition rules but have yet to apply my knowledge.

Is there anyone out there who would want to help this newb gain some experience playing this series in real time. I would prefer to play live Vassal via Skype. Maybe committing one night a week to a 3 hour session. I am located in the Eastern Time zone. FtF is possible too if you live in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Howdy Gideon. I’d be interested in playing Clash Of Arms Napoleonics with you. Sent you a PM.