La Bataille series games

I’m very fond of Napoleonic wargames and I really appreciate La Bataille series of games by Clash of Arms or Marshall Enterprises.
I would like to know if someone usually plays La Bataille series games by email or live with Vassal.


I am currently playing Shevardino Redoubt from the Moscowa game and we are doing it by Pbem. It is completely doable, and during assaults, and fire combat, you may have to exchange a lot of e-mails. You have to be very patient when playing LaBattaille Pbem. What ruleset do you use?

I’ve played using “Règlement de l’an xxx” rev.11", tried on “La Bataille des Quatre Bras”, I’m trying to understand if there is a community of “La Bataille Series” players in order to find opponents easily. I know the game mechanics require a lot of mail
exchanges, the rules from Marshal Enterprises probably make the game easier, have you ever played with these rules?

thanks for you feedback

My opponent and I are using the Regs rules set. I have not looked at the Marshal Enterprise rules yet.

On Consimworld there is a folder especially for LaBattaille. I am sure you can find an opponent there.

Ok thanks