Labyrinth Asssistance

When using the Labyrinth module, if I want to play as the US, in a solo fashion, which setup option am I going to select?

SOLO (Jihadist BOT)

I have no really found any solid tutorials for the module and how to actually know what I am doing while playing Vassal (if anyone has any?)

I believe those are telling you which player is bot-operated—so if you want to play solo as the US, you would choose “SOLO (Jihadist BOT)”.

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That you uckelman, that is what I was figuring.

I have Labyrinth on Steam, but utilizing Vassal for game play is kinda daunting. Do you know of any good tutorials for how to proceed in the game and actually play?

There are over 2000 games with Vassal modules. The chances of one of us knowing how to help you play any specific game is pretty remote. You’ll need to use your google skills to track something down.

Have you read the instructions on the page for the module? That’s where I would start.