Labyrinth: The War on Terror

Thought I would copy a post from BGG. I’m looking for another Labyrinth player to start here in the next week or so.

Format: VASSAL or Wargameroom. Prefer live with Skype. Open to live with built in instant messaging. I don’t mind partially playing a game, saving, and coming back to it another night.

Teach? Can your teach it or are you willing to?:
I have limited experience but enough to teach and make mistakes with another new player.

Expertise: How much experience do you have with this game?: Completed one FTF game. Have more experience with Twilight Struggle but am looking to mix it up a bit.

I’m available most week nights after 9pm Central Time. I haven’t been able to pick up the VASSAL module for Labyrinth as easily as the Twilight Struggle module so some help or patience there would be appreciated.

Hi I’d like to play it too…I own the game in two months and I played three games w another two running via PBEM…non great experience w LAB but played many many times other CDG like POG, TS and others. I live in Rome, Italy so I don’t know if we can arrange for this…I think you’re from USA so…pls drop me a line at or else look in Skype for bruno.moscetti

Thanks for the offer. I think our time differences will be a challenge though. Might be best for me with a US player mostly becasue I’d like to do live until I get the hand of the game.

Hey! I’m from the U.S. Eastern Standard time. I’d be willing to play. Let me know at if you’d like to play sometime.

Will do! I have about a week of craziness around here, but wil try to reach out in early June! Thanks!