Labyrinth, Twilight Struggle and/or Paths of Glory PBEM


I am looking for PBEM opponents for games of Twilight Struggle, Labyrinth: The War on Terror and/or Paths of Glory.

I am a big fan of these three games but rarely have the time for continuous play. I have used VASSAL in the past for learning Paths of Glory while waiting for the recent reprint and also for playing Labyrinth solo. But I am yet to try it for a 2-player game – so you’ll have some patience for eventual blunders using the software.

If you’re interested, contact me in this thread or by PM.



I would be willing to play a game of Twilight Struggle.

Hi there!

I would love to play all these games with you. The only one I have played before, is Twilight Struggle, but I actually bought POG, but havent tried it yet, and also, Labyrinth is on the way.

I can play live, or PBEM, doesnt matter!



im happy to play POG if you still want any more games

Thanks! I have sent a PM to each one of you.




Ready to play LABYRINTH.
I’m from France so I prefere to play by PBEM (no matter on the side and the scenario).
I’ve play one solo game and I’ve a game on going where I play the US side in the Let’s Roll scenario.


I’m using inkscape to create my tiles. I create a hexagon with a hight of 100 and width of 87. I export this as a bmp and create a piece for it. However, the piece is not nearly wide enough. Turns out if I make the piece 113 wide it almost fits.

How do I find the perfect size so it fits properly?