Labyrinth: War on Terror, no PBEM

Hi everyone! I´m a kinda advanced Labyrinth solitäire player on VASSAL (regular wins on potent, 20< games) with no experience in VASSAL live gaming or 2-player Labyrinth so far.

If you wanna play Labyrinth live via VASSAL and Skype at anytime during 2011, contact me. Don´t hesitate even if this thread might be a few months old. No PBEM, but I´m quite flexible on dates and splitting up games in a few sessions (One tun per session? Great!).

Just contact me:

I´m from Germany (central european timezone, cet or cest), so sometimes it can take some time for me to answer. Languages: English (relatively high level) and German.

Greetings Fechna,

I’m learning Labyrinth, so maybe you can help me learn. I’m in France (GMT+1). I doubt I’ll be able to give you much of a game, but if you’ve got nothing better on.