Lag issues

Hello there!
Im experiencing some serious lag issue in playing Vassal.
What I mean is a huge delay between my inputs (for example clicking with mouse, scrolling, dragging items etc…).
I don’t know how it happened, I’ve been experiencing this issue since a month, after a total reboot of my Macintosh
HEre is the details of my system.
Again, everything worked fine, before I rebooted my system.
I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting the Malifaux module and downloading it again…still nothing. Every input, it takes forever to get through: flipping cards, dragging items, even resizing the main window!
Thanks for any help you can give me

Model: iMac
OS: Mojave (10.14.6)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.20GHz
Memory: 8GB
Video: Radeon Pro 555X 2 GB
VASSAL: 3.2.17
Java: Latest
Module: Malifaux-v1h

“Java: Latest” isn’t very helpful. Can you please run “java -version” at the command line and give us the output?

Here it is

java version “1.8.0_251”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_251-b08)
Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.251-b08, mixed mode)

Edit: That is the correct Java version for VASSAL 3.2.17, although I’ve noticed a few people complaining about issues since updating to release 251.

Seeing as none of the developers have responded yet, I would like to suggest you try downloading and installing version 3.3.1, and seeing if you have the same issues. You should be able to install it without removing version 3.2.17. 3.3.1 includes a bundled version of Java 14, which it will use in place of your Java 8 (without replacing Java for the whole system).

Edit 2: Mac version of VASSAL 3.3.1 is here:

Note - the Mac version of 3.3.1 still has some problems where Mac laptop users are unable to get context menus to work properly, at least if they are on a laptop with a touchpad (I think Mac mouse users are fine). Those are being actively addressed by the dev team (as in, it’s the top priority thing being worked on, and the source of the problem is known). It will be fixed for 3.3.2. So trying 3.3.1 is fine for seeing if your lag problems go away, but unfortunately for Mac laptop users is probably not yet a perfect solution. Stand by!

Thank you guys! That seems to work fine :slight_smile: Appreciate it!