Last Night On Earth

So I am a huge fan of this game, having purchased the entirety of the expansions and everything so that I can play with my friends when we all get together. Unfortunately, our lives have taken turns that make it so one or more of us is always traveling for work, preventing us from nerding out and wasting hours of our lives at a crack playing this wonderful game.

I’ve been looking for a digital version of the game, and I came upon Vassal. I figured I’d try Vassal out with some other games that I own (Dungeon and Pandemic being among them) before seeing if this would work for us to play when our group can’t get together except for digitally. Vassal is awesome, and I think this will work.

I’ve seen several Google posts that a module for LNoE exists, but I cannot seem to find it. All of the links I’ve found are dead, and I don’t see anything here on this site that gives a link to an LNoE module here at Vassal. I’ve contemplated trying to make a module on my own, but if one exists I don’t want to recreate the wheel (so to speak).

So, I have to ask: Is there a module for Last Night On Earth already out there? Does this really exist somewhere, available for download? Or am I going to have to break out my digital camera and brush off my ability to read development instructions?

Any help would be most appreciated!

Wow. 2 days and not a single response. Time to get out the game and power up my rarely used scanner, I guess.