Layer Trait - selection of level

Greetings. The layer trait has the ability to select a layer level via an expression (Levels follow expression value). Thing is that there are 2 ways to access the levels - the number and the name. I aim to remove a bunch of keyboard commands to change stuff with action traits and associated triggers. BUT, do I really have to do this to select a level {cfvalue==“1-1”?1:cfvalue==“1-2”?2:cfvalue==“1-3”?3:cfvalue==“1-4”?4:cfvalue==“1-5”?5:cfvalue==“2-1”?6:cfvalue==“2-2”?7:cfvalue==“2-3”?8:cfvalue==“2-4”?9:cfvalue==“2-5”?10:cfvalue==“3-1”?11:cfvalue==“3-3”?12:13}? If there was an option to also select level name, then all that preceding crap could be replaced with {cfvalue}. There are a few other instances where this would be extremely valuable, within the same game piece. Colour relates to the Major power controller, unittype relates to the type of unit (arm, mech, inf, mot, etc). No need to develop these long, convoluted logic expressions, use the level name.
BTW, when using the action button trait for these aspects, it is much (much) easier to offer the user to select chinat, CW, France, etc than 1,2 or 3. When a player selects chinat/CW/france/etc this level name should then select the level pic to display.
Appreciate the I could probably do a workaround of, say, 1chinat/2CW/3france and then use substring (0,1) to do the job, but why? Let us take into account that there are actually 2 ways to get a level to display - a number and a name.

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