Layers. do they need to all be the same size?

Got a layer showing 21 man section taking 1 loss at a time each layer, when I get to smaller levels where the base is smaller it still shows the previous layer. 3.6.9 was the vassal version.

Does this still occur with Vassal 3.6.19?

Sorry I fat fingered the version it is 3.6.19

If I allow the layer to loop and do a increase from 21 to 1 it looks like this. I took off all properties so it would be as plain jane as I could make it to eliminate something altering it.

It would help to see the module for diagnosing the problem.

What I suggest you do is either:

a) Put the smallest layer in the Base and have the ever larger layers overlay the base


b) Don’t put any image in the base, make the current base image the first Layer and have the Layer always activated.



It’s fixed, I cleared the original image from the piece so only the layer had images.

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