Learning Vassal

Gosh…(gasp)…you’re taking…(gasp)… all the fun…(gasp)… out of it.

Thanks for all your postings. I’m learning a lot just reading through this forum.

Thanks again, Joel. I think, to understand what you’re telling me, I shall need to learn more of Java language & syntax as well as taking my study of Vassal a lot further. The way in which the Vassal GKC you show is written seems to use Java syntax and I would not have even thought about attempting its use with my current level of knowledge. There are a number of other traits that I don’t have a clue about how to use - hence my decision to study Vassal more formally - the way symbols like “=” and “&” are used doubled-up is something I don’t currently understand and I believe they are derived from Java.

I’m amazed at the level of discussion my original post has generated - it’s gratifying but a little surprising.

== and && aren’t specific to Java; you find them in any language with C-style syntax. == is the equality comparison operator (cf. =, which is the assignment operator), and && is the boolean AND operator.

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They specifically said, "Matrix Games is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to the VASSAL Engine from Vassal Engineering…

Seems pretty clear to me, and that’s much more than using a single wrong word. Why would an entity say such a thing if it wasn’t true? Not calling you a liar, uckelman, but this is really strange. But then, Matrix have always been a bunch of strange characters.
Not telling how to run your business, but if it isn’t true, I’d have sent them a friendly cease-and-desist letter years ago.

They acquired the rights to Vassal the same way anyone else does: By accepting the LGPL license under which Vassal is distributed.

As I said, it’s a confusing, confused announcement Matrix made. I’d been hoping that we’d not still be hearing about a press release from 2005 in 2022…


lets just start using MS visual Basic… my current bain. Its so easy :slight_smile:

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