Legendary: Marvel Deck Building game

I am really excited that the Marvel Deck building game has finally come to Vassal, so with that I am looking for people who would like to regularly play and/or learn the game and join me in the fun. Please leave a message here or PM and we can discuss times to get together. I live in the EST area and have most nights available.

i would love to learn this game. I do not own the game but have the rules pdf. Is that doable in this format? I am brand new to vassal.

Very doable. What sort of availability do you have?

Hey, I’m looking to get into this myself. Considering picking up the game, and was using the module to demo it. Had played a little at a recent Con, but I have a hard time finding groups and/or time to play stuff like this.

Would any of y’all consider playing it poem? I did that quite a lot with Star Wars:Pocket Models, and it works really well with Vassal.

Also, the rules are built into the module. Look at the top, there is a button for the full pdf rulebook, as well as another button for the quick reference sheet.

That was supposed to be pbem, not poem. Autocorrect-not-accounting-for-niche-gamer-acronym-fail.

If you’ve not done pbem (ah, it learned it this time) with Vassal, it’s really sweet. You turn on the logging feature, do all your plays, stop logging, and save it someplace easy to find. Attach the file to an email to your buddy, and then they walk through all your moves, start logging their own afterwards, etc.

Would like to give it a try, live or PBEM.

I’d be interested in getting in a PBEM game, but it would be my first time doing it. So how would we want to start this?

I’m EST as well, although my availability is very inconsistent due to work and family. Both come with a decided lack of predictability for me. It’s why I like pbem. :smiley:
If you guys want to setup live games, plan what works best for y’all, and I’ll jump in if I’m able.

As for owning the game, you don’t technically need to have the cards in front of you, the module gives all the images and game text very legibly. I will probably be picking up a physical copy in the next day or two, I’ve been playing with the module to see if I want to by it. And I would think, as long as one of us physically owns a copy, we’re on ok ground legally, since that’s all we’d need in person to play anyway.

My thoughts on playing pbem:
(I’ve only done 2-player games with Vassal thus far. So I’m spitballing here.)
I’ll get the game setup. We could play through email, or I could easily start a thread and post the log files there. Playing “in public” might help generate interest. It also might be logistically simpler.
Once I know who’s in, I can either pick heroes/villains/schemes at random, or you can let me know your favs. I’d say random this first time, just to make it simple.
I’ll setup the board, and post the file to the thread, along with the turn order.
When it’s not your turn, you might want to download the log and watch just to keep up.
When it’s your turn, download, watch, start your own log, save, upload to a new post on the thread, and let us know who’s next.

What do you think?

I’m always on looking for a game to play with others. I’m a veteran player to the game so no need to explain rules. my vassal username is Deathclutch and if interested in a game, add me to your Skype (skype name Bitterbox_1)

I also would like to try! I am also brand new to VASSAL and have yet to play any games. Anyone willing to help me out would be great!

I would be interested in playing Legendary on Vassal. I’ve played the physical game once at a local game shop and really liked it. Still trying to learn to play on Vassal. Could use some help maybe. Thanks

I will try to be on as often as I can. Allstar and Baleau and time you are available find me and I will give you some lessons on how to run it.

Find you in the game lobbies? What’s your name on there?

Ok for those interested in the pbem, I started the thread here:

Master_GM I am on there for periods at a time I hope we run into each other.

I hope so as well!