Legendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game Updated

Version 2.6 is up now!
vassalengine.org/wiki/Module … lding_Game

This update adds the majority of the expansion cards, sets the bystander deck to facedown with the new bystanders, and makes the Villain and Hero decks no longer auto shuffle so that cards which affect the top X cards and place them back don’t get autoshuffled away. This means however, that the Hero and Villain decks have to be manually shuffled.

Enjoy! I’ve got another update coming within the next few weeks to add the remaining expansion cards, and after that will be cleaning up the UI and making it more user friendly.

Hey! I made it user friendly! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

This being a card game perhaps you should check out LackeyCCG instead of Vassal.

MTG and Vtes games all the time there. Might be a better site than a boardgame one.

Are you going to be updating it again with the new villains expansion? I would love for that to be added to this already amazing module.

Any chance of a bare-bones bulleted list of what one needs to do to play in terms of the interface. I’m entirely lost… :blush:

I’m not the designer, but I’m pretty familiar with it; maybe I can help. What, specifically, are you having trouble with?

One thing that really confused me at first is that the chat window (which usually just occupies maybe the top third of the screen) takes up the whole screen when I first open it up, so at a glance it seems like the board isn’t even there. If you go to the bottom of the screen where the cursor changes to the arrows on both ends, and then just drag the bottom border of the chat window up, then you’ll see the main play board and things should be a lot simpler from there (if that’s the problem you’re having).

Also, if you’re using the randomizer, always make sure you shuffle each deck before drawing a card, otherwise it won’t be random at all.

am having trouble with the cards missing and the board got some problems

There are 2 sets of henchmen that only have 1 copy of the card in the stack. MODOK, and Maggia goons. I also notice the villain and hero decks sometimes sort themselves, with all of the twists on top, then the strikes, etc…It’s not a big deal to shuffle it every turn but that changes how some of the ‘put back on top/put on bottom’ cards work. Overall I really appreciate the work that has gone into this module. I don’t get to play it in person very often but getting to play it on Vassal is a great thing. Thanks to everyone who helped make it.

also the new expansions will be welcomed the civil war and secret wars (cap, deadpool and fear itself are good but the civil war and secret wars are better)