Lets play some games

Unhappy king Charles
Clash of Monarchs
The Caucasus Campaign
Rommel in the Desert
Pax Romana
Here i Stand (Three player) Never played not really read rules.
Crown of Roses (Three player)

I could play something tactical though i dont really feel like it.
Think GBOH or something.

European player so UTC +1

Have quite a bit of time available but not for to long think February something. Basically i have weekends and Monday through Friday afternoon/evening mostly anyways. I have some experience with most of these games though it was some time ago for some of them. We use a team speak for communication during play.

Ciao Musket!

I’m Stefano Cuccurullo, from Italy. I’d like to play HiS (I could play Clash of Monarchs too but I’m a bit rusty with its rules now…). I can use Skype, Teamspeak, Ventrilo or Google voip devices.
Have a nice week,

Stefano Cuccurullo

Hello there.

Well Clash Of Monarchs sounds good, i know how to play so don’t need much time to read the rules.
HIS sounds interesting though i never played it as i understand its best three player, maybe in the future we could find another one and play it.

I have a very gaming friendly schedule right now, since your a European i can play you basically afternoons during weekdays and any time during most weekends.

Well, please pm me when you want to schedule a game and i can most likely play you.

Really, really REALLY looking for Clash of Monarch opponents. So please contact me if your looking for a game. I would also be interested in learning Crown of Roses. My friend bought but were lacking other players. But it looks interesting.


I’d be also interested in joining for the Clash of Monarchs.

Okay, how to coordinate this? Perhaps we could list when we’re available and if Musketforge is interested, he could set up a date in advance, and we could meet up on vassal.

My availability: Whenever. Literally.

Well thanks guys, its a shame i don’t play more than i do with all my available time. Why don’t we play two separate games, i doubt you guys have the same amount of time available as i do. Like a mentioned previously i can play you my afternoons and during weekends any time. Gmt +1 that is.