LFG Mage Knight

Hello everyone,

I am looking to play Mage Knight with or without the expansion live on vassal. I would like to try and finish the game in one shot but if not possible to just save and reschedule for a latter time. I am usually available to play during the week between the hours of 7pm and 10pm est. Weekends and possibly some weekdays I could play earlier or later in the day.


Studyng the rules, maybe i could be one of the 4 potential players

Have you played before? Mage knight supports 1-5 people, so we could play with 2.

playing my first solo game…

Okay I just beat my first solo scenario. Pretty ready to play. What scenario u wanna play? My skype GoldovAA i can play evenings.

Ive played 4 solo conquests and managed to kill the first lvl 5 city twice. Im really frustrated cuz theres no way to kill the first city earlier than round 6, and on round 6 u spend the best cards and units to kill lvl 5 city, and the best u can do is crawl up to the lvl 8 2nd city with no cards and spent units. Also frustrating u have no time to recruit the cool city units… Solo conquest is frustratingly impossible using the standard rules. U need 7 rounds or lower city levels… I wonder if conquest scenario is beatable with 2 players tho with cooperative city assault…

SOlo conquest is no impossible and I have done it with max cities before. I can probably play a game Sunday evening, or sometime during next week.

Just call skype GoldovAA i can play today (Sunday)

I requested to be your friend on Skype