Liberty Roads Question

I’ve just started a game using Vassal version 3.2.0 beta-1 and Liberty Roads module version 1.2.2, but I can’t figure out how to select German support markers. I can click on the support marker button and a window is displayed showing a stack of un-flipped support markers but I can’t see how to select any of them.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

It looks like a stack, but is implemented as a deck, which in VASSAL is a different thing. You have to drag a piece off of the stack to take one–you can’t select them all simultaneously.

I’ve tried that but still have no luck. I’ve noticed that when I click on the top unit I do not get any kind of a border around that unit - usually you will see a red or black border around the counter after you click on it. I get that border on every other counter that I click on, including units on charts and the map, but not the German support stack ones.

This is normal. You can’t click and select an item in a deck–they don’t behave the same way as stacks. Put your mouse over the deck. Click and hold the left mouse button. Drag the mouse while continuing to hold down the mouse button. An item will be pulled from the deck.

So what we’ve found is that the person starting a D Day or campaign game can access their support markers but the other player can’t. We’ve resorted to pulling chits from our hardcopies of the games and then recording them on paper.

Next question - are there any markers to indicate individual battles on the map or the results of them, similar to the Normandy 44 module? Without that it will be hard for the defender to review battles to take his losses are tactical results once the logfile has been sent to him. Any suggestions?