Line of sight persistent icon is too persistent

Hello everybody,
maybe this is a bug or maybe it’s me that I do not understand something. I have a LOS button that is made persistent by ctrl-drag. When I do it, the line becomes persistent and the icon changes to the persistent version as expected. However, when I click on the LOS button to remove the persistent line, the icon does not revert to the usual, non-persistent version. Note that the LOS is now in a not-persistent status. Only the icon failed to revert.

To replicate it, download the test version of my Band of Brothers module

Click on the “Fire” button, with the red explosion icon. ctrl-drag to create a persistent line on the board. Verify that it is persistent (clicking on the map). Then click again on the button. The line disappears but the icon remains in its “persistent” status. I’m on Linux, in the unlikely case it matters, using version 3.7.3.

Thanks for your consideration,

Does the problem occur with the current version, which is 3.7.4?

Yes. Same thing. g.

Persistent cat is persistent.