Live (GMT+1) - WW3 Wargames

I am looking for some WW3 online game using Vassal/Discord
I am in Europe (GMT+1)

I am interested to play some of these games:

  • 1985: Sacred Oil → Scenario #1 (And It Became Blood)
  • 1985: Deadly Northern Lights → Scenario #3 (Against a Sea of Troubles)
  • The Doomsday Project: Episode 1 – The Battle for Germany
  • World At War 85: Storming the Gap
  • Red Storm: The Air War Over Central Germany, 1987
  • Red Storm: Baltic Approaches
  • Blue Water Navy
  • 2nd Fleet

Thank you


Hello Pierre!

We may have played before. I have a number of those titles and am interested. Please email me at



I want to declare my interest as well. Most of those games are on my wishlist, but currently I only own Doomsday Project.


Any interest in old World at War? Nothing against WaW85, but I only have the Starter-Kit PDF and also a large pile of unplayed scenarios for the old WaW, so I would like to play that first.

Also the somewhat related Platoon Commander games that have VASSAL modules (Sticks and Stones, The Long Road).

GMT+2 here (including daylight saving).

Hello Pierre,
are you still interested in finding opponents for Blue Water Navy? I’ve just bought the game, so I’m a beginner, but would like to play.
Living in central Europe.