Live vassal/discord opponents for GBOH or GBACW or War for the Union/US Civil War

I live on east coast US or GMT -5, available on weekends. I have most but not all games in GBOH and GBACW series, pick your favorite.

I’m a big fan of US Civil War from GMT. Would love to play a live match. I am free most Saturday and Sunday evenings. Send me an Email and we’ll get a game going. Oh, I’m on the East Coast.

Hi. I am interested in live Vassal play of Death Valley or Into the Woods GBACW games. Eastern Daylight Time. Free most days - retired. PM me.

Do you have time on weekends? This would be my best times usually.

Yes. Weekend mornings are best but I can do later in the day with sufficient planning time.

I have a couple days off next week, how about Friday or Saturday 15th/16th, morning? I recommend a battle from Death Valley first before jumping into Shiloh.

Saturday the 16th sounds great. Why don’t you pick a scenario and I will pick sides or vice versa. I can start by 8 am EDT.

Winchester, May 1862 or maybe New Market 1864. Both relatively small, maybe we can complete in one session. I can’t start until about 9:30am, will that work for you?


Yes 9:30 am works. Winchester 1862 looks a good choice. Do you have a preference of side?

Well, I assume this scenario favors the south, I’d like to play the union to see if I can learn something about why they lost. Were they really that bad?

I will happily take the Confederates; I usually play defense and it will be fun to attack for once. Looking forward to it.


My Discord user name is mark1812 #4616

Friend request sent…

Send me your Discord user name and I will invite you to my server

Problem! I am sorry. Heading to the ER with my wife. She just fell on the stairs. Will message later.

Oh my, I hope she is alright.

No worries, we aren’t playing today, we scheduled next Saturday the 16th.

Hello. I would like to play a Death Valley game. Also, from eastern time zone. What communication do you like? I am playing W&P with friend in Scotland by FB messenger audio which works fine and is easy. He is not retired so we don’t get more than one or two turns a session but FB audio works great. Find me on Wargamers on FB or email

I emailed you but have not heard back.

Unfortunately, I’m loaded up with all the games I can fit in right now.


Sorry, I have been lax about checking me email last few days. I would be interested in a game of U. S. Civil War. I would prefer to play the Union, but I won’t insist. Find me on Facebook and send me a friend request. Frank Allen, Louisville, Ky.