Load Continuation bug

I usually use the Load Continuation option to combine logs together from PBEM games (Specifically C&C Ancients) to create a full log file of a game - just to be able to run through a full game.

To do this I open 1st log - create a new fullgame log file and then use step forward to play through the turn; then use Load Continuation to open the next log file, step forward to play to end of that turn and ad nauseum through all log files to end of game where I then save the log file. I can then go back and replay the whole game by using step forward through the fullgame log file

That has been working fine up until v3.6.19 however the latest version of Vassal won’t allow a step forward of moves through each turn after using Load Continuation, it automatically jumps to the end of the turn as soon as step forward the button is pushed. I’ve been using the same version of the module. Any suggestions (besides using the older 3.6 versions version of Vassal :-))?

OS: Windows 10
Memory: 16GB
VASSAL: 3.7.2
Module: CCAncientsV4-3-11

Does it fail in v3.7.0 or in a subsequent release ?

It is ok in 3.7.0 but in releases after that it fails.

Sorry just tested that - I had skipped 3.7.0 and gone straight to 3.7.1.

Thanks for the report. I’ve reproduced the problem and confirm the problem was introduced into 3.7.1. I’ve opened an issue and will investigate.

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Issue is here: Load Continuation automatically fast-forwards to end of log on first step · Issue #12830 · vassalengine/vassal · GitHub

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The fix was released in 3.7.4.

Awesome, tks so much.