LocationName vs pieceName

I’m improving a Vassal module for a CDG called Congressof Vienna (1813-1814 Napoleonic Wars in Europe)

I have a piece called <Armee d’Espagne>. I have another piece called , which I want to go to level 1 (from level 0) when the <Armee d’Espagne> moves out of a zone called

The condition that I have put in an appropriate layer in piece it is the following:

If (GetProperty (“Armee d’Espagne_LocationName”)! = “CastileTerritory”, 0, 1)

But it does not work!!!; I tried with / without “”; $; _; .; , etc.

As you can see my level of Vassal is low, but I trust a help for my low level.

Thank you

Quique Esparrago